• ‎*I dreamt of horses dark and pale
    they galloped up from the feilds of hell
    they crossed a great river flowing with blood
    and above them, the sky was turning red_

    Their hooves were as black
    as their eyes were bland
    and white smoke would arise
    from each churn of the sand
    I stood there amazed at their sudden advance
    as the beads of sweat, formed in my hands_

    They made their way across the open plains
    and Humanities landscape began to change…
    There were no more greens or blues to see …
    only ashes were left to swirl, lifeless in the breeze.

    And as my soul began to mourn
    I saw a new Earth being born
    Its colors were crystal…clear and clean
    nothing was tattered…old or worn.

    I dreamt of horses dark and pale
    but when I awoke…I couldn not tell
    a light had shown right through the dark
    the fear I had was gone as well

    “AWAKE ! MY SOUL !…my life.”…
    I know you hear my cry
    …awake my soul, my life.
    as I await for your reply.

    …patiently, for the reply.


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