I am almost free from the last week of school…bracing for the holidays and checking my bank account …expecting a different result everytime…is that crazy? I’m not sure that being a college kid/sutdent at 37 years old is all that great of a thing. When all is said and done…will I look back at this and say I accomplished a goal. Yes I’m sure I will. But does that help my bank account at the moment? nope.



I am almost free from the chains that bind me

I am almost free from the last week of finals

I am almost free from the burdens that weigh me down

I am almost free to give away my crown

I am almost free

I am almost free.

(Do I get extra points for being creative?)  …if not then I’ll pay good money if I have too. 😉


I love the way your hair is black…I love the way you smile like that…and I love the way you look at me..I love the way you look..indeed. Hello Raven…let me feel the feathers of your wings….hello raven…let me absorb all of your heartaches and pain….I’ll soak it into my skin…I’ll cleans it within my soul.

JoJo Is Thankful

I thought I would take a moment and be thankful for the good things in my life.

1. I’m thankful for Jesus and his salvation…his teachings and his love for all mankind.

2. I’m thankful for my family, my 2 sons…2 sisters a younger brother…my Mother who is still with us and for my Dad who has gone before us.

3. Thankful for the air I breathe…the water I drink…the sun that warms my face in these wintery days.

4. Thankful for the seasons…each one..important to the well being of our planet.

5. Thankful for the Earth…and its beauty and nature.

6. Thankful for the spirit of thanksgiving.

7. Thankful for my talents.

8. Thankful for my friends.

9. Thankful for all good things.

10. Thank you God…for loving me.